Turmeric Blast

ON-THE-GO Brainpower. Energy. Digestive health. Endurance. Anti-Inflammatory. Assists with aching joints and pain. Paleo steak sauce. Keto mustard. Turmeric salad dressing. Raw meal. Keto fit.

$ 25.99 USD
Suggested use

2 tspn Sprinkle/stir into food/ salad dressing , smoothies and lattes. Add hot water for slim soup.

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About the product

Packed full of antioxidants & natural anti-inflammatories with our turmeric and freeze dried ginger and pineapple. Supports the immune system. Turmeric is know to support cognitive function. Improves digestion ands reduces gut inflammation. Vit C. Bromelain aids to digest protein. Gingerol anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties and beneficial for digestive health.

Organic turmeric, freeze dried ginger, pineapple, camu, camu, apple, black pepper.

Can it be stored out of the fridge. Yes.

Can anything go wrong? Package need to remain sealed to keep oxygen away otherwise oxidative rancidation and product can go lumpy.

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